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HHRM sponsors the 15th International Congress of the Geological Society of Greece

Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management (HHRM), within the framework of its strategy to support the scientific and academic community, participates as a gold sponsor at the 15th International Congress of the Geological Society of Greece, entitled "Exploring and Protecting Our Living Planet Earth", which will be held from 22nd to 24th May, at Harokopio University.

In the opening welcome speech section, HHRM Chairman and CEO Yannis Bassias will refer to the research on energy resources, the role of the geosciences in Greece and the opportunities for absorbing graduates.

On the second day of the major scientific meeting, the company's executives will highlight the scientific background on which research and exploitation of hydrocarbons is based in Greece, with the following studies:

- Facies associations review of depositional environments In the External Hellenides Isopic zones, Ionian Sea and Western Greece margin (Georgios Makrodimitras and Vasiliki Kosmidou)

- A regional study of the Ionian Sea and its hydrocarbon prospectivity, offshore W.Greece (Vasiliki Kosmidou, George Makrodimitras and Spyros Bellas)

- Carbonate -platform Basin systems evolved through compression tectonics: Examples from the Mediterranean region (Nikolas Papadimitriou, Christian Gorini, Vasiliki Kosmidou and Yannis Bassias)

- Seismic Character as a tool to identify different geotectonic zones In the frontier area offshore south of Crete, Greece (Konstantinos Oikonomopoulos, George Makrodimitras, Nikolas Papadimitriou and Yannis Bassias)

In addition, on Thursday 23rd May, HHRM co-organizes a special session, in which scientists and executives of companies with international experience will present developments on Geo-Energy, from Exploration to Technological Advances and Sustainability:

~ Salt layer velocity modelling in the East Mediterranean basins (Ahmed El Bassiony, Tony Martin and Kevin Shrimpton)

~ New structural and petroleum system models of the Ionian Zone, North-Western Greece (Pablo Hernandez and Ruben Perez)

~ Multi-scale fracture network characteristics in a carbonate reservoir outcrop analogue: Insights from μCT data in core plugs and thin secons 3 (Sotirios Kokkalas, Syed Nizamuddin and Sandra Vega)

~ Diagenetic processes into the reservoir of the oil field of Prinos-Kavala Basin, Macedonia, Greece (Ioakeim Ioakeimidis, Nikolaos Kanranis, Andreas Georgakopoulos, Paschalia Kiomourtzi and Ananias Tsirambides)

~ Near-seafloor geohazards analysis of the western Patraikos block, offshore western Greece (Efthymios Tripsanas, Dimitrios Sakelariou, Grigorios Rousakis, Aikaterini Stathopoulou and Nikolaos Lykakis)

~ Combined CO2 geological storage and geothermal energy utilization in Greece (Apostolos Arvanitis, Nikolaos Koukouzas, Petros Koutsovitis, Dimitrios Karapanos and Eleonora Manoukian)

~ CO2 storage sites in Greece – A review (Nikolaos Koukouzas and Vasiliki Gemeni)

For the analytical program, you may visit the link: https://www.gsg2019.gr/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/GSG2019-programma-36p-FOR-WEB.pdf

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