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HHRM enriches and updates guidelines for offshore safety

Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management (HHRM) has issued new, updated guidelines for the safety of offshore hydrocarbon installations which are adapted to the high institutional requirements and the market needs, thereby enriching the "tools" available to offshore operators in Greece.

The new guidance document is an update of Chapter 11 of HHRM's Guidance Document entitled "Report on Major Hazards and Notification Requirements", which, due to its scope and gravity, was considered to require the publication of an independent document.

The document is issued two years after the publication of HHRM's set of Guidance Documents. It sums up the experience of HHRM's Offshore Safety team during the two years that have passed since the implementation of the European Offshore Safety Directive by HHRM. During this period, the 1st draft of the National External Emergency Response Plan was prepared, all the documents of Law 4409/2016 that were submitted by the operators were evaluated, and significant collaborations were established with European Competent Authorities with long experience in the field.

HHRM's aim is to provide answers today to the questions that have been asked during this period by offshore operators and to facilitate the interpretation of points of the law that need further explanation.

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