Block 2


TOTAL: 50% (operator)

General info

The offshore Greece Block 2 is located 30 kilometers west of Corfu Island. Its western boundary is adjacent to the Greek - Italian border. Water depth is ranging from 800 to 1200m from West to East of the block. This block belongs to the Apulian platform geological unit.
The Western Greece area is a largely sub-explored region, where the few drilled wells are located in the coastal areas and on the narrow continental shelf. The onshore area is characterized by a great number of surface oil seeps and several hydrocarbon indications can be seen at most of the wells. However, at the present, only one proven hydrocarbon accumulation (sub-commercial) was identified at the West Katakolon field (offshore, close to the coast). The lack of extensive exploration together with the existence of a proven petroleum system generates a clear interest in the region.
The North Ionian Sea area is dominated by the most external zones of the Hellenic fold-and-thrust belt and its foreland the Apulia platform. The Hellenides belong to the Alpine orogenic system which comprises the Hellenides in Greece, the Dinarides – Albanides in the Eastern Adriatic and the Apennines in Italy. In the Adriatic area, the system consists of intensively deformed thrust sheets verging towards the stable Adriatic or Apulia foreland.