HHRM participation in international conference in Mediterranean & Balkans (03/28/19)

  HHRM at Global APPEX 2019 (03/11/2019)

  HHRM at the newspaper of Athens University of Economics “ΟΠΑ News”. Article entitled: “Contributing to energy security of Greece”.

  HHRM at the newspaper APOPSI: “Expertise, transparency, openness, management”.

  Enhanced cooperation between HHRM and Technical University of Crete (01/14/2019)

  HHRM at the newspaper PROTO THEMA

  HHRM at the political newspaper AVGI

  HHRM at the newspaper CHANIOTIKA NEA

  HHRM on "Expected and unexpected" program broadcast

  The first round of cooperation between HHRM and JRC was completed (11/06/2018)

  HHRM at the 3rd SEE Hydrocarbons Upstream Workshop (11/01/2018)

  HHRM at the 5th International Interdisciplinary Symposium "Poiessa", entitled “AEGEAN: Archipelago of Peace” (10/08/2018)

  HHRM at the Southeast Europe Energy Forum (09/13/2018)

  HHRM participates at the special reportage of Petroleum Economist (September 2018), entitled “Greece presses the E&P button

  Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment for "West of Crete" and "Southwest of Crete" blocks

  Publicity Announcement (in greek)
  SEIA (in greek)
  Annex I (in greek)
  Annex II (in greek)

  HHRM at the newspaper Ta Nea

  Mr. Yiannis Bassias on "Expected and unexpected" program broadcast

  Agreement between Greece and Italy on offshore oil and gas exploration and exploitation (06/13/2018)

  HHRM has participated to the documentary “Password”, broadcast on Public television channel ERT1, giving an insight at the hydrocarbon exploration in Greece

  Mr. Yiannis Bassias at Business News Magazine

  HHRM and its role in Safe Offshore Operations (June 2018)

  The Chairman and Managing Director of HHRM, Yannis Basias, at Radio Lasithi, regarding the extraction of hydrocarbons in Crete

  Mr. Yiannis Bassias on "Absolutely Relative" program broadcast

  HHRM President, Mr. Yiannis Bassias at regarding the developments on the hydrocarbon field