Technical Papers

  Mediterranean Offshore Authorities Forum 2020 (Dec 2020)

  Workshop on Emergency Response in Offshore Hydrocarbon Installations (Jun 2019)

  East Mediterranean: The New Natural Gas Frontier (Oct 2019)

  First Annual Eastern Mediterranean Energy Leadership Summit (Oct 2019)

  Exploration & Production Offshore Congress Hub (Sep 2019)

  E&P Offshore Acreage in Greece: 2019 Roadmap (Jun 2019)

  Facies associations review of depositional environments in the External Hellenides isopic zones. . . (May 2019)

  Seismic character as a tool to identify geotectonic zones . . .(May 2019)

  Chasing for local energy resources in Greece (Mar 2019)

  Sedimentological review of depositional environments in the External Hellenides isopic zones. . .(Feb 2019)

  Seismic character as a tool to identify different geotectonic zones. . .(Dec 2018)

  Offshore Western Peloponnese : Structural Elements And Differences From Northern Ionian, Greece. (Dec 2018)

  Integration of geophysical tools to determine the structural setting offshore South of Crete. (Dec 2018)

  Anatomy of the Mesozoic Tethyan Margins: The Eratosthenes Carbonate Platform. (Dec 2018)

  HHRM participates at the special reportage of Petroleum Economist (September 2018), entitled “Greece presses the E&P button

  Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment for "West of Crete" and "Southwest of Crete" blocks

  Publicity Announcement (in greek)
  SEIA (in greek)
  Annex I (in greek)
  Annex II (in greek)

  HHRM and its role in Safe Offshore Operations (Jun. 2018)

  Assessing the E & P landscape in Greece HHRM's dynamic role shaping the Greek oil and gas scene (May. 2018)

  Offshore South of Crete, new opportunities, new ideas (Mar. 2018)

  Facies analysis in hydrocarbon exploration. A case study from NW Ionian Sea, Greece (Mar. 2018)

  Depositional Environments and Hydrocarbon Potential of Northern Ionian Sea (Mar. 2018)

  Prospectivity of Ionian and Crete Offshore Blocks (Oct. 2017)

  Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Perspectives in Greece. The role of HHRM SA (Apr. 2017)


Dunnahoe T., Greece opens frontier Ionian Sea, south of Crete exploration, Oil & Gas Journal, Aug. 2017

Offshore exploration in Greece has been dormant since the 1990s, but new seismic and the industry's renewed interest in carbonate plays such as the recent Zohr discovery in the Eastern Mediterranean are bringing major operators to the region.

Y. Bassias (2017), Deep Offshore Exploration in Greece, GEO ExPRO

Recent interest in the areas south-west and west of Crete and in the Ionian Sea between Greece and southern Italy have brought western Greece to the attention of the oil and gas exploration industry, spurred on by East Mediterranean discoveries like Zohr in Egypt and Aphrodite in Cyprus.

Greece offers new offshore exploration opportunities, Oil & Gas Journal, Feb. 2018

Since November 2016, the Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management State Company (HHRM) focused its commercial action on promoting larger surface concessions.